Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

There are several way to increase traffic to your website via search engines.

The most effective (and most expensive) is to have one of these pesky SEO "experts" sell you on them managing a Google Ad word campaign for you. In NZ the standard fees start at $300 per month, but I've seen some of these providers charge out over $800, even $1000 per month!

The next best option is to optimise your website using a service that I also provide, which has produced amazing, demonstrable first-page results.

This I can do by a process involving the client registering special industry-leaning domains through me (these are just $40 ea), then I set these up to promote your site with a series of redirects, landing pages and registration with Google.

This process takes up to a week to complete.

The cost for this is $1000 for a 3 domain package (not including domain name costs), and $1,500 for the 5 domain packages.

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