Essex Cabinetmakers Ltd

Project Description

Client brief:

To provide a website that is clean, clear and easy to navigate. The website must be of adaptive design, so that it can auto scale depending on the screen resolution of the device being used. A specific mobile site was not wanted, instead the main website is to scale accordingly.


A list of key features for this website
  • Custom Designed Layout
  • 20+ page design all using dynamic content.
  • Adaptive Design Layout
  • Custom Multi Photo Gallery
  • - Auto Thumbnail advance
  • - Auto Photo Caption Positioning
  • - Manual advance / rewind options
  • - Include Category selections.
  • - Live Preview Option
  • Custom Page Editor
  • - Backup system
  • - Draft Option
  • - Live Preview Option
  • Banner / Slideshows
  • Website Hosting
  • Custom Portfolio Application



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Project Details

  • The Works Package
  • Essex Cabinetmakers Ltd
  • 30-05-2019